(1) Applicants applying under ARM 24.219.501 must meet the supervised work experience requirements in 37-22-301, MCA, and as defined in ARM 24.219.301.

(2) As a part of the requirements in (1), at least 100 hours must include individual or group supervision by a qualified supervisor under ARM 24.219.421.

(a) Of those 100 hours, at least 50 hours must be individual and supervised face-to-face by an LCSW; and

(b) Of the 50 hours in (a), at least ten hours must include direct observation of service delivery as defined in ARM 24.219.301.

(3) Supervisors must provide at least two hours of supervision for every 160 hours of social work as defined in 37-22-102, MCA.

(4) Candidates must clearly indicate they are social worker licensure candidates in all professional and private communications.

(5) When an LCSW candidate who applied under ARM 24.219.505 completes the requirements of (1) through (3), the candidate will qualify for the examination per ARM 24.219.502. Upon proof of passage of the exam, a candidate will be issued an LCSW license without further application.

(6) A supervisor must have experience and expertise with the candidate's client population (e.g., child, adolescent, adult, chemically dependent/substance use disorder) and methods of practice (i.e., individual, group, family, crisis, or brief interventions).


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