(1) A program must have written personnel and program policies and procedures covering the following items:

(a) screening procedure for all applicants;

(b) job qualifications for all positions;

(c) job descriptions for all positions;

(d) supervisory structure; and

(e) performance evaluations.

(2) In addition to the specific requirements set out in this chapter, all staff working in a program must:

(a) be at least 20 years of age;

(b) have a high school diploma or GED; and

(c) be physically, mentally, and emotionally competent to care for program participants.

(3) Any administrator, staff member, volunteer, or other person whose behavior or health status endangers the program participants may not be allowed at the program.

(4) Program volunteers must:

(a) not be included in the program participant-to-staff ratios;

(b) be under the supervision of program staff;

(c) follow written policies and procedures developed by the program defining the responsibilities, limitations, and supervision of volunteers;

(d) complete all required background checks; and

(e) be provided orientation and initial training. The training must include orientation on all program policies and procedures.

(5) All program staff who transport program participants must have a valid driver's license and, while transporting program participants, follow all laws applicable to driving in Montana.