(1) A program must have a field office in Montana. A field office may be a vehicle, a camp, a building, the residential program, or the administrative office.

(2) The field office must be staffed and monitored 24 hours a day when there are program participants on expeditions or have staff continually monitoring communications and available by satellite phone within 15 minutes of the field office.

(3) Field office staff must respond immediately to any emergency situation.

(4) The following items must be maintained at the field office:

(a) a current list of the names of staff and program participants in each group;

(b) a master map of all activity areas used by a program;

(c) each group's expeditionary route with its schedule and itinerary, copies of which must be sent to the department and local law enforcement when requested;

(d) current logs of all communications with each expedition group away from the field office;

(e) program participant's emergency information required in ARM 37.99.138;

(f) physical examination completed as part of program admission process and any subsequent physical exams;

(g) medical treatment authorization;

(h) list of current medications taken by the program participant;

(i) identifying marks of the program participants such as scars, tattoos, and piercings;

(j) health insurance information;

(k) list of contact persons in case of emergencies; and

(l) a copy of the program participant's case plan.

(5) The program must comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations and must maintain proof of compliance at the field office.

(6) An arrangement must be made with national or state forest service offices if such land is to be used by the field office.

(a) If the field office or the expedition camp is located on or uses national or state lands, the administrator must familiarize the staff and program participants with rules and ethics governing the use of such property.

(7) If private property will be used, arrangements must be made with the property owners.


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