Board and Council Appointees No. 16   08/27/2015    
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Appointee                                 Appointed by        Succeeds     Appointment/End Date


Board of Funeral Service (Labor and Industry)

Mr. Michael Thompson                Governor                reappointed   7/10/2015

Ronan                                                                                          7/1/2020

Qualifications (if required): licensed crematory


Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers (Labor and Industry)

Mr. Alfred McLees                       Governor                reappointed   7/10/2015

Billings                                                                                          7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): licensed hearing aid dispenser and fitter


Board of Livestock (Livestock)

Mr. John Lehfeldt                        Governor                not listed       7/10/2015

Lavina                                                                                          7/10/2018

Qualifications (if required): none specified


Board of Massage Therapy (Labor and Industry)

Ms. Patricia Eileen Ryan              Governor                reappointed   7/10/2015

Whitefish                                                                                      5/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): massage therapist


Board of Nursing (Labor and Industry)

Ms. Joyce Dombrouski                Governor                not listed       7/10/2015

Missoula                                                                                       7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): registered nurse


Ms. Laureli Scribner                    Governor                Weiss           7/10/2015

Roundup                                                                                       7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): advanced practice registered nurse


Board of Pharmacy (Labor and Industry)

Mr. Michael Bertagnolli                Governor                Bradley         7/10/2015

Three Forks                                                                                  7/1/2020

Qualifications (if required): licensed pharmacist


Board of Real Estate Appraisers (Labor and Industry)

Mr. Timothy Peter McGinnis        Governor                Forbes          7/10/2015

Polson                                                                                          5/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): licensed or certified real estate appraiser


Mr. Frank Schoenen, Jr.              Governor            Christophersen   7/10/2015

Great Falls                                                                                    5/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): representative of the public not engaged in the occupation of real estate appraisal


Board of Realty Regulation (Labor and Industry)

Ms. Cynthia Lanier                      Governor                Milless          7/24/2015

Lakeside                                                                                       5/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Real Estate Broker


Mr. Eric Ossorio                          Governor                Abramson     7/24/2015

Big Sky                                                                                         5/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Real Estate Broker


Rep. Josh Peck                           Governor                McDermott    7/24/2015

Butte                                                                                            5/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Mr. Daniel Dean Wagner             Governor                Wardell         7/24/2015

Billings                                                                                          5/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Real Estate Broker


Board of Regents of Higher Education (Education)

Mr. Asa Hohman                         Govenor                 Williams        7/1/2015

Missoula                                                                                       6/30/2016

Qualifications (if required): Student Regent


Mr. Robert Nystuen                     Governor                Krauss          7/24/2015

Lakeside                                                                                       2/1/2022

Qualifications (if required): District 1, Independent


Board of Veterans' Affairs (Military Affairs)

Mr. Shawn Backbone                  Governor                reappointed   7/31/2015

Crow Agency                                                                                8/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Tribal government representative


Mr. David E. Boyd, Sr.                 Governor                reappointed   7/31/2015

Poplar                                                                                           8/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Tribal member honorably discharged veteran


Mr. Richard A. Juvik                    Governor                reappointed   7/31/2015

Helena                                                                                          8/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Honorably discharged veteran who serves as a representative of veterans at large


Mr. William Willing                       Governor                reappointed   7/31/2015

Anaconda                                                                                     8/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Training education or experience related to veterans' issues


Board of Water Well Contractors (Natural Resources and Conservation)

Mr. Kevin Haggerty                     Governor                reappointed   7/10/2015

Bozeman                                                                                      7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Montana water well contractor


Building Codes Council (Labor and Industry)

Mr. Jason Douglas Poston           Governor                Driver           7/10/2015

Missoula                                                                                       10/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): licensed elevator mechanic


Capitol Complex Advisory Council (Administration)

Sen. Carol Williams                     Governor                Sands           7/31/2015

Missoula                                                                                       7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): public member


Flathead Basin Commission (Natural Resources and Conservation)

Ms. Jasmine Courville‑Brown       Governor                reappointed   7/31/2015

Ronan                                                                                          6/30/2019

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Ms. Kate Hunt                             Governor                reappointed   7/31/2015

Kalispell                                                                                        6/30/2019

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Mr. Charles (Jackson) Potter       Governor                reappointed   7/31/2015

Columbia Falls                                                                              6/30/2019

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Governor's Advisory Council on Aging (Public Health and Human Services)

Ms. Laurie Glover                        Governor                Miller            7/24/2015

Great Falls                                                                                    7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Mr. Bradley Howell                      Governor                Yenne           7/24/2015

Roundup                                                                                       7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Sen. Gerald Pease                      Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Lodge Grass                                                                                 7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Governor's Postsecondary Scholarship Advisory Council (Higher Education)

Mr. LeRoy Schramm                   Governor                reappointed   7/10/2015

Helena                                                                                          7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): experience in secondary or postsecondary education


Groundwater Assessment Steering Committee (Natural Resources and Conservation)

Mr. Walter Sales                         Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Manhattan                                                                                    7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Agriculture Water User


Mr. Mark Thompson                    Governor                Dale             7/24/2015

Butte                                                                                            7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Industrial Water User


Interstate Commission on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (Military Affairs)

Master Sergeant Benjamin Aylward Governor            reappointed   7/24/2015

Great Falls                                                                                    7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Representative of a Military Installation


Major Renea Dorvall                    Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Fort Harrison                                                                                 7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Representative of the Executive Branch of Government


Superintendent Denise Juneau     Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Helena                                                                                          7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Superintendent of Public Instruction


Ms. Tammy Lacey                       Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Fairfield                                                                                        7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Superintendent of School District that includes High Concentration of Military Children


Colonel Harold Stearns                Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Missoula                                                                                       7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Compact Commissioner


Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission (Labor and Industry)

Dr. James Feist                           Governor                not listed       7/24/2015

Bozeman                                                                                      7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Physician member of the Montana Board of Medical Examiners


Mr. Ian Marquand                       Governor                not listed       7/24/2015

Helena                                                                                          7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Board Executive Officer


Judicial Standards Commission (Justice)

Ms. Brianne Kristine Dugan          Governor                Schleif          7/24/2015

Bozeman                                                                                      7/1/2019

Qualifications (if required): Citizen who is not an attorney or judge of any court


Montana Agriculture Development Council (Agriculture)

Commissioner Greg Jergeson      Governor                Aageson       7/31/2015

Chinook                                                                                        7/1/2016

Qualifications (if required): representative who is or was actively engaged in agriculture


Montana Family Support Services Advisory Council (Public Health and Human Services)

Ms. Rebecca Bogden‑Richards    Governor                Synness       7/10/2015

Great Falls                                                                                    4/9/2016

Qualifications (if required): Parent Representative


Ms. Catherine Murphy                 Governor                Plaska          7/10/2015

Helena                                                                                          4/9/2016

Qualifications (if required): Agency Representative


Ms. Latosha Vavak                      Governor                Cummings    7/10/2015

Columbus                                                                                     4/9/2016

Qualifications (if required): Parent Representative


Montana Heritage Preservation and Development Commission (Commerce)

Ms. Barbie Durham                     Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Cameron                                                                                      5/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Broad experience in Business


Mr. F.W. “Bill” Howell                   Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

West Yellowstone                                                                          5/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Experience managing facilities that cater to the needs of tourists


Montana Organic Commodity Advisory Council (Agriculture)

Ms. Alison Harmon                      Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Bozeman                                                                                      7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): organic handler representative


Mr. Matt Johnson                        Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Hinsdale                                                                                       7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): organic handler representative


Mr. Ty O'Connor                         Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Broadus                                                                                        7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): organic handler representative


Ms. Catherine Odden                  Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Dutton                                                                                          7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): organic handler representative


Mr. Mark Smith                           Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Lavina                                                                                          7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): organic handler representative


Mr. Karl Sutton                            Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Polson                                                                                          7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): organic handler representative


Sen. Gene Thayer                       Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Great Falls                                                                                    7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): organic handler representative


Director Ron de Yong                  Director                  not listed       7/1/2015

Helena                                                                                          7/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): Director of the Department of Agriculture


Public Defender Commission (Administration)

Mr. Larry Mansch                        Governor                not listed       7/24/2015

Missoula                                                                                       7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Attorney nominated by the President of the state Bar


Ms. Maylinn Elise Smith               Governor                Russell         7/24/2015

Missoula                                                                                       7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Member of an Organization that advocates on behalf of a racial minority population


State Banking Board (Administration)

Mr. Phil G. Gaglia                        Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Billings                                                                                          7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Active officer in state bank of Montana


Mr. Jack Johnson                        Governor                reappointed   7/24/2015

Billings                                                                                          7/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


State Electrical Board (Labor and Industry)

Mr. Mel Medhus, III                     Governor                reappointed   7/10/2015

Kalispell                                                                                        7/1/2020

Qualifications (if required): master licensed electrical contractor


State Emergency Response Commission (Military Affairs)

Ms. Delila Bruno                          Governor                Livingston     7/31/2015

Helena                                                                                          10/1/2015

Qualifications (if required): Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator


Mr. Jordan Love                          Governor                Brunoi           7/31/2015

Great Falls                                                                                    10/1/2015

Qualifications (if required): Representative of the Department of Public Health and Human Services


State Library Commission (Education)

Commissioner Connie Eissinger   Governor                Scheetz        7/24/2015

Brockway                                                                                      6/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Mr. Ken Wall                               Governor                Gransberry   7/24/2015

Missoula                                                                                       6/1/2018

Qualifications (if required): Public Representative


Statewide Independent Living Council (Public Health and Human Services)

Ms. Mary Olson                          Governor                not listed       7/31/2015

Missoula                                                                                       12/1/2017

Qualifications (if required): Person with disability not employed by state agency


Ms. Karen Underwood                 Governor                Spang           7/31/2015

Billings                                                                                          12/1/2016

Qualifications (if required): At‑Large Member


Statewide Interoperability Governing Board (Administration)

Mr. Curt Stinson                          Governor                Nassat          7/24/2015

Helena                                                                                          10/1/2015

Qualifications (if required): Representative of Montana Association of Chiefs of Police



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