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(1) Equipment, tools, and jewelry must be clean, in sound condition, and free of rust. Sharp instruments and tools must not be dull. Defective needles may not be used.

(2) Single-use or disposal items must be used only once.

(3) Gloves that come into contact with a client must be single-use nonlatex examination gloves designed for medical or clinical use.

(4) A durable tray must be maintained in the work room for the placement of used articles which require cleaning and autoclaving.

(5) Single-use needles must be disposed of in a sharps disposal container that meets the requirements in ARM 37.112.137.

(6) Work tables, counter tops, and client contact surfaces must be:

(a) constructed of material that is easily cleanable, smooth, nonabsorbent, and corrosion-resistant; and

(b) cleaned and sanitized with a disinfectant between clients.

(7) The operator must maintain at all times enough sterile supplies, disinfectant, antiseptic, and gloves for three working days.

(8) Disinfectants, cleaning compounds, pesticides, and other chemicals must be stored in such a manner that prevents contamination of equipment, supplies, and work surfaces. Chemical containers must be clearly labeled with the common name of the material. Chemicals must be used in a manner consistent with the manufacturer's labeling.

(9) Instruments, supplies, and other materials that come into contact with the client must be stored in closed clean containers or clean cabinets.

(10) Tables, trays, and equipment may not be shared among artists serving different clients at the same time.

History: 50-48-103, MCA; IMP, 50-48-103, MCA; NEW, 2007 MAR p. 351, Eff. 3/23/07.

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