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(1) The board adopts and incorporates by reference the State of Montana 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan Investment Policy Statement approved by the board on February 8, 2018. The Investment Policy Statement provides investment guidelines for the defined contribution plan, a long-term retirement-savings vehicle that permits participants to invest employer and participant contributions on a tax-deferred basis. The investment guidelines help the board to meet its fiduciary responsibilities to evaluate and positively influence the direction of the plan and its investments for the benefit of the plan participants and beneficiaries. 

(2) The board adopts and incorporates by reference the State of Montana Stable Value Investment Guidelines Schedule approved by the board on December 29, 2009. These guidelines apply to the investment of 401(a) defined contribution plan participant assets and 457(b) deferred compensation plan participant assets that are pooled together in the plans' stable value group trust. The guidelines were developed through mutual agreement amongst the board, the investment manager, and the insurance wrap provider and provide guidance to the investment manager when investing participants' funds contained within the stable value group trust. 

(3) Copies of the Investment Policy Statement and Full Discretion Guidelines may be obtained from MPERA, 100 North Park Avenue, Suite 200, P.O. Box 200131, Helena, MT 59620-0131, phone 1 (877) 275-7372, e-mail mpera@mt.gov. The documents are also available online at www.mpera.mt.gov.


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