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(1) A registered cardholder must notify the department within ten calendar days of any changes in the following:

(a) cardholder's name or address;

(b) referral physician;

(c) provider or marijuana-infused products provider; or

(d) change in the status of the cardholder's debilitating medical condition.

(2) A registered cardholder that is their own provider, must notify the department ten calendar days prior to the change in location of plants or seedlings.

(3) A registered cardholder must report to the department within ten calendar days any lost or stolen registry identification card.

(4) A licensee must notify the department within 30 calendar days of any changes in the following:

(a) anyone identified as an applicant;

(b) temporary closure of longer than 30 days; and

(c) permanent closure of the business.

(5) A licensee who wishes to change the location of a registered premises must submit a completed application for the new premises including all required forms, documents, and fees.

(6) A licensee who intends to make any material or substantial changes to the registered premises must submit the changes to the department for approval prior to making any such changes. Material or substantial changes include:

(a) any increase or decrease in the total physical size or capacity of the registered premises;

(b) alterations to public ingress or egress of limited access areas;

(c) any changes to the security plan.

(7) A licensee must notify the department as soon as reasonably practical but in no case more than 24 hours following the theft of marijuana items or money from the registered premises.


History: 50-46-344, MCA; IMP, 50-46-303, 50-46-307, 50-46-308, 50-46-311, MCA; NEW, 2018 MAR p. 321, Eff. 4/10/18.

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