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(1) All crematory facilities shall:

(a) comply with all local, state, and federal laws and rules pertaining to the operation of a crematory, and maintain for inspection permits relating to business, zoning, building codes (including plumbing, electrical, and mechanical), fire codes, air quality, and water quality;

(b) notify the board in writing of any changes in equipment from that reported on the application and maintain for inspection maintenance and repair schedules of equipment;

(c) designate a crematory operator-in-charge and notify the board in writing within ten days of any change in that designation;

(d) post signs near telephones and in the vicinity of the retort to direct staff to call 911 in a fire or other emergency;

(e) display the facility and personal licenses of licensed staff in plain view for members of the public to view. Personal addresses on licenses may be covered;

(f) conduct appropriate maintenance and safe operation of equipment used in cremations;

(g) maintain the crematory and all related cremation equipment after each use in a clean and sanitary condition;

(h) have floors and walls constructed of an impervious material to allow cleaning and disinfection of these surfaces;

(i) have procedures to identify remains awaiting cremation, remains in the cremation chamber, cremated remains in the processing station, and the urns or containers holding the cremated remains; and

(j) have procedures to ensure the proper authorization to cremate exists.

(2) All crematory facilities shall comply with the requirements of ARM 24.147.403 that are applicable to mortuaries regarding transfers, inspections, and eligibility for a temporary permit to operate a crematory, and ARM 24.147.903 regarding name change, closure, or sale of a crematory facility.

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